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Despite having an awesome Elk Tag and seeing lots of Bull's, Sherry had no success this
2008 season.
I finally got a tag for this year (2009) so we will see how I do.
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Best area to hunt Elk and Deer is all around Meeteetse.
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**NOTICE: I won't post any pictures on my wall or web site of any wild game with
the hunter sitting on the animal! This is disrespectful and is not showing the animal the
dignity it deserves.

Chris Renner's 2009 Bull Elk
428 Gross Score from General Hunt Area

Main Beams were 56 and 57 inches. G3's were roughly 20" long.
Awesome Bull Chris! I wish I could just see an Elk like this.
The biggest one I saw on the last day.
You can call it a 4x4, a 3x3 with eye gaurds or even an 8 point
he still taste the same. Lots of fat too.
Previous years pictures

Boone and Crockett green score of 340 4/8 before deductions and
assuming the broke G3 on the right side was at least the same length
as the left side. As it is, it still scores approximately 326 with the
points that were left.

This guy was taken by my good friend Mike with a long bow Labor Day weekend

and he green scored 359 6/8 before deductions and final score of 350 even.

Good job Tyler on your first Elk Hunt!
2005 Oasis Christmas Card Photo

Real nice 06 Mountain Big Horn Sheep.

Opening day of Dove season. We had a real good day.

Walleye caught in June on Boysen Reservoir.

Nice Bull Cathy.

Another real nice Mountain Sheep.

Pete Nielsen's Non-typical 2006 10x10 mule deer scored 227 1/4,
32 inches wide outside, 26 inches wide inside, 21 7/8 inches high.
What a trophy!

Look at the length of the G3's on these 2 bull's.
Good job Jerry and Bill.

Paul's first 6x6 Bull Elk!
Nice job!

Happy gang from Michigan

Most of you might know Alice from the Elk Horn.
She got this Mule Deer and her 6x6 Bull Elk 5 hours apart the same day.

These are both her first Mule Deer and Elk she has ever shot.
Congratulations Alice on a wonderful hunt!

2006 Montana Mountain Goat

I just love his rack. We ask where she got him and she says she
got him near the river and behind the the shoulder. 
Good job Sue!

Nice Rainbow trout Bob.

Good job Bill!

My first Whitetail Deer

Woody, I just LOVE this deer!
8x10 Whitetail Deer
They just keep getting better!

Excellent job Dusty!!!!!!!!
Damn, what a Whitetail!!!!
Any more where this one came from, like your going to tell us.

Congratulations and Nice first Mule Deer Buck Levi

Meeteetse Ladies Hunting Season of 2004
Their men didn't draw tags!

Nice Bull

Another nice bull

Nice trophy after applying for over 25 years.

Here kitty! 
Good job Mike!

This was the smallest of 3 bulls.

BOB, you have to save one of those white tail for me!

Why don't I get this lucky?

I didn't get my first one until I was 40+ years old. 
Nice Elk for his first

What ya grinnin about?