Sherry's 2004 Hunting Trip

Off we go!
In the timber, you have to watch for bears!
Wake-up Bobby Joe!
4 hours later
"Are we there yet?"

Actually, it could be a good thing.

He was here yesterday morning but
the wind wasn't blowing this hard.
A monster herd bull that is!
We were always a day late and a dollar short
or on the wrong mountain ridge at the wrong time!
However, we saw lots of bull's during the trip.
She even got a shot. 
We under estimated how far he was and she missed.

Fine guide I turned out to be.

Wake-up Sherry
You can't be tired yet?

Oh well, no luck on her first Elk hunt but 
just look at the Mule Deer she got opening morning!
"One shot Sherry"
4x4 with brow times 
(in the south it would be a 10 point)
27" wide
Albert was Sherry's guide and just look at what he got!
Good job Albert!