Bobby Joe's 2006 bull Elk and Whitetail Buck Deer!

6x6 Bull Wapiti (Elk)
with 48" & 50" main beams, 47" wide, 19" G4 or sword tine on the right side and 18 3/4".
It would have rough scored 340 1/2" (Boone & Crocket - before deductions) if the G3 on the right side had not been broke off and assuming it was as long as the left side. His final score was roughly 326 after deductions. My biggest yet!
It did have a couple of broken points, so he was a magnificent warrior to say the least!



My tired ponies! The trail was steep and muddy from the
snow melting. They had quite a struggle getting to the top.
The white one is my mustang, Dirty Cotton.

There were Elk on all the tree lined ridges the first couple
of days. The last time I saw the big one I was chasing, he
was on the last ridge that runs from the top right side of the
picture down to the left middle of the picture.

The biggest one I saw and my first!
Lot's of first this year.

It's a good thing he's got that second brow tine but I bet he eats good!

Story will be posted once it is written!
Boy, what a story it will be!

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