Meeteetse Trail Regulators

6th Annual Rendezvous

Motorcycle Rally & Shoot-out


August 26, 27 & 28, 2010


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* Event Rules


- Absolutely no gun play will be tolerated. Firearm Safety will always be first and foremost!


- Be aware that you can wear your six-gun anywhere in Meeteetse except for the bars. We recommend that all firearms be unloaded except on firing line.


- Review range safety procedures once your signed up for the shooting events.


- Please use trash receptacles and if you smoke use butt cans or fire pit for your butts. NO BUTTS ABOUT IT!


- Keep exhaust noise down to a minimum while near Meeteetse City Limits. Please exercise common courtesy.


- Eye and ear protection is mandatory for all persons at the range. No exceptions.


- Most important of all is Have Fun!